Terri’s Next Book!
Stay tuned for Terri Cheney’s next book, Tell Me Where It Hurts: A Manual to Modern Madness — a collection of deeply personal, candid stories that illuminate a life with mental illness, offering insider information, acceptance, and hope for people with a diagnosis and for all who love, live, and work with those who struggle with mental health. Publication is scheduled for 2020.

“Modern Love” Podcast
My New York Times essay on bipolar dating has been turned into a podcast by the Times and NPR, for their wildly popular “Modern Love” series. It’s read by trending British actress Rebecca Hall—I never knew I could write with such a posh accent! My interview follows her reading.

“Signature Reads—The List”
“Manic” made “The List,” along with Carrie Fisher, Brian Wilson, Patty Duke, and Kay Redfield Jamison! This is amazing company to be in. From Signature Reads: “Almost three percent of the U.S. adult population is affected by bipolar disorder. Here are 5 honest and eloquent books on struggling with bipolar disorder:”

“Ride the Tiger” PBS documentary
Watch Terri’s interview for the PBS documentary "Ride the Tiger: A Guide Through the Bipolar Brain." It’s a fascinating study of the emerging science behind bipolar disorder.

Interviews from Dubai, in United Arab Emirates.

I recently had the privilege of being a featured speaker about bipolar disorder at a big psychiatric conference in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. It’s such a civilized, privileged place—with a lot yet to learn about mental health issues. Getting my psychiatric medications past customs was a pitched battle, but the standing ovation I received made it worth the ordeal. There’s a great thirst for knowledge in Dubai, which I find encouraging.

Terri received the 2009 Advocates Award from Mental Health Advocacy Services. She also received an official Commendation from the County of Los Angeles, for her ongoing public service in the mental health arena.

Bipolar: An Insider's View
People Magazine, February 25 2008

Short Takes By Barbara Fisher
Boston Globe, February 3, 2008

Bipolar Explorer
L.A. Times, February 1 2008

Boycott Britney?
Huffington Post Blog, January 24 2008

Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am
New York Times, January 13 2008

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