I can recommend the following organizations and their websites:

  • International Bipolar Foundation: (a terrific organization, with webinars, a newsletter, literature, and other resources)
  • The Bipolar Child ( – website maintained by the authors of The Bipolar Child; includes a newsletter and a model IEP (Individual Education Plan) for students struggling with bipolar disorder
  • Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation ( – a parent-led organization for families with bipolar children
  • International Bipolar Foundation ( – publishes an excellent newsletter with cutting-edge research and information
  • Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation ( – a charitable organization focusing on research; website includes a Childhood Bipolar Questionnaire, information about clinical studies, and professional listservs
  • National Alliance on Mental Health ( – a particularly good resource for families and friends of loved ones with all types of mental illness; conducts local support groups and training sessions
  • National Institute of Mental Health ( – the leading federal agency for research on mental illness and mood disorders



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