"The Dark Side of Innocence is a magnificent depiction of the ravages of bipolar illness in childhood. Cheney’s intensely personal account provides much-needed hope and understanding about a highly stigmatized illness.  A real tour de force." ­––Elyn Saks, author of The Center Cannot Hold, and recipient of the 2009 MacArthur Award

“Cheney writes with brutal honesty about her tumultuous childhood . . . A compelling coming-of-age follow-up to Manic.” ­­––Kirkus Reviews

“Cheney’s adolescence of sex, substance abuse, profound boredom concealing profound agitation, and an underlying, growing sense of doom was redeemed by her gift for imagery and language, which eventually led her to write her riveting best-seller, whose success this equally deserving sequel may deservedly duplicate.”––Booklist

"This will be big." —Library Journal

"Rewind the life of any adult with bipolar and you will find a childhood we would all desperately like to forget. Terri Cheney unflinchingly remembers…at long last, someone with the courage to break the silence." —John McManamy, author of Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder

“Eloquent, riveting…a tale that is hard to set aside.” —Ed Renehan, author of The Lion's Pride

"Once again, Terri Cheney has written an educational but bittersweet book that moved me deeply." —Muffy Walker, MSN, MBA, President, International Bipolar Foundation

"As the father of an adult son with a severe mental illness, I found myself choking with emotion as I read Terri Cheney’s riveting and illuminating account of her childhood growing up with bipolar disorder. What did I miss as a loving father? Were there signs? Could I have saved my son? Cheney provides us with important insights from the eyes of the most innocent among us—our very own children." —Pete Earley, New York Times bestselling author of CRAZY: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness

"This narrative eloquently and intelligently answers [parents’] questions . . . Her story is a sound first step toward understanding your child's pain and finding solutions." —Publishers Weekly



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